Renew Your NAACP Membership and Attend Orientation: Thanks!

We have been an active chapter for more than a year now, and that means it may be time to renew your NAACP membership. You can see your expiration date on your membership card as well as on the address label of your Crisis Magazine. To renew you can either send in a check to our Nipomo main office or renew online through this site.

Click to Renew Your Annual NAACP Membership

You can also sign up for a Lifetime Membership and you don’t have to worry about it again. Lifetime members receive 10 years of the Crisis Magazine as well as a beautiful plaque celebrating your commitment to justice. You can pay it off all at once or make monthly—or even yearly–payments.

We are in the process of putting together teams in each of our county regions that will help facilitate the activities and events we hope to participate in or host. If you love to plan parties, if you enjoy crunching numbers, if you enjoy the logistics of making an event happen, we want to use your talents. Talk to your regional VP at your next local meeting, or to anyone on the executive committee. We are a member-driven organization where the members make things happen and bring about the change we want to see in the world—that means you!

New Member Orientation

Our NAACP branch has started a program for new members. Prior to the start of our monthly membership meeting, there will be a 30-minute orientation for new membrs. The orientation covers information on upcoming events, committees, and how to get involved.

Jenni Schroeder, Membership Chair