The Leaders of the Future Have Spoken

I am excited because the work we are doing as the NAACP SLO County branch seems to be in line with the values being embraced by a growing number in our society. I am referring to the most recent student-led “March for Our Lives,” but not to be overshadowed by last year’s “Women’s March.” The millions of people who have participated in such movements—and those who support them—are embracing the values of the NAACP: justice, equality, diversity, and just common sense.

Consider how your NAACP SLO County branch is promoting and supporting these values: a local candidate for government office is behind us, local high school students are lining up to register to vote, we support Earth Day; and the outpouring of SLO County citizens to view movies demonstrating how embracing diversity leads to a more compassionate and thoughtful citizenry. This is what we are about. If you agree with and identify with these values, join us if you have not already. If you are already a member of our NAACP branch, spread the word to others who embrace these values.

The positive news is that while there are still pockets of society that defy our values, they increasingly represent the minority view. What we witnessed recently with the students and women’s movements represents the hope of continued movement toward justice, equality, diversity, and just common sense for all—and we are making it happen right here in San Luis Obispo County!

It’s time to take the blinders off and make the changes needed to make this world a more just and equitable society. We need to support young people and let them lead the way.

Stephen Vines