Chairperson: Madeleine Nantze

The Legal Redress Committee shall: 

  • Investigate all cases reported to it;
  • Supervise all litigation in which the Unit is interested;
  • Keep the National Office and the Branch informed on the progress of every case. It shall not give general legal advice.

About Madeline:

What is your name and your committee?

Madeleine Nantze, Legal Redress

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a local Public Defender, and a long time member of the community. As Chair of the Legal Redress Committee for the SLO Branch of the NAACP, I am striving to recruit dedicated and enthusiastic members. Together, we can form a robust and active Legal Redress Committee, that will serve as a leader in the fight against discrimination, in all of its forms.

What are you working on in your committee?

Ongoing duties of the Legal Redress Committee are review and investigation of all complaints to the unit, as well as monitoring litigation that the NAACP is involved in (if applicable). Current projects include preparing for the upcoming “Know Your Rights” series of forums, beginning in April, 2021. We are also looking for members who are interested in monitoring local media, in order for our committee to be apprised at all times of potential discriminatory practices in our community.

What are your goals for your committee?

The goals for the Legal Redress Committee, or my goals as its Chair at least, are to achieve the ongoing and current projects as efficiently and effectively as possible. If we as a committee are successful in this, positive publicity will happen naturally. In the long term, my hope is that a considerable segment of our community will have at least seen the NAACP in a favorable light, because of some effort that our committee made, whether in its investigation or in its public forum events. These goals will help to ensure that NAACP stays relevant as a trusted organization at our local level, in order to effect change in the community, when needed.

What volunteer opportunities are available in your committee?

The opportunities are many and varied. If you have an interest in the goals of the Legal Redress Committee, then there is an opportunity for you. Let us know what you like to do–whatever it is, we can use you.

What keeps you optimistic or motivated in your work on social justice?

My professional life, past and present, keeps me very motivated to make changes in this world. My work provides daily proof of the failings of our “systems.” I am optimistic, because I believe that the vast majority of people want a better society.

How do you take care of yourself or avoid burn out in social justice work? What do you do for self-care?

I am a person of faith, so I value my faith’s practices and prayer to help me in my daily life. In addition, I enjoy singing recreationally and working with children and elderly people.

What are your personal life goals?

To transform myself into the person that I should be: a person who seeks to put others before myself, whether in my family life or in my public life.

What book, podcast, or other media do you recommend?

Any podcasts that tell good stories are always appealing to me. I enjoy Snap Judgment and This American Life, on NPR. I also listen to Ancient Faith Radio, and “Wandering the Desert” and “Through a Monk’s Eyes”.