Chairperson: Brenda Mack

The Committee on Housing shall:

  • Study housing conditions in the local community;
  • Receive and seek to address complaints of discrimination;
  • oppose all restrictive practices whether public or private;
  • disseminate information and render such other assistance which may eliminate discrimination in housing. 

About Brenda Mack

What is your name and your committee?

Brenda Mack, Housing

Tell us a little about yourself.

A mother of 4 .I have lived here in slo county since about 2000

What are you working on in your committee?

Getting information to make sure people have ,know and are receiving their rights as well as housing issues that come up.

What are your goals for your committee?

To advocate for fair housing. To advocate for affordable advocate for alternative housing.

What volunteer opportunities are available in your committee?

To advocate ,to research and to participate in outreach in the community.

What keeps you optimistic or motivated in your work on social justice?

The changes I have seen when people advocate together.

How do you take care of yourself or avoid burn out in social justice work? What do you do for self-care?

Mental health groups and activities and alone time.

What are your personal life goals?

Justice for my family and a higher college degree.

What book, podcast, or other media do you recommend?

Anything by Rachel Maddow.