The best investment you can make!

For 7 Mondays Starting, February 21, 2022 via ZOOM 7:15 pm – 8:15 pm

Facilitated by Oddette Augustus (Miss Oddette) and Karen Burish Wyke

Please RSVP to naacpslocty@gmail.com by Sunday February 20, 2022

About Healing Mondays. . . Two Different Avenues to Explore


“We must return and reclaim our past in order to move toward our future. It is in understanding who we were that will free us to embrace who we now are. (The meaning of Sankofa) This is the opening line of the book we will be using to first discuss and acknowledge the specific lingering and devastating affects of enslavement. Second discuss and/or create ways to heal ourselves of this centuries old diseasethat continues to plague us. PostTraumatic Slave Syndrome.

This is undoubtedly the most challenging endeavor we will ever choose. How can we not? Our very lives and those of future generations depends on it. Whose ready to get healthy from the inside out top to bottom?

Purchase the book, read it then Join me…for Healing Mondays

Facilitated by Oddette Augustus

Hello White Folks of the SLO NAACP

You are invited to join with us on Healing Mondays.

 The goal is to create a brave and safe place where we can explore what it means to be white, and to be more than just an ally to people of color. Oppression and racism can be like smog — invisible to us as white people, we breathe it in and out without even seeing it. In this group we will support each other in exploring and cleaning up this inner smog, and renew our commitment to cleaning it up in the world. 

We will be studying “Things That Make White People Uncomfortable” by Michael Bennett and  Dave Zirin

Facilitated by Karen Burish Wyke

Join Us for this Important Work.

Please RSVP to naacpslocty@gmail.com