Look for the Good in All Things

Success is awarded to those who dream of endless possibilities; who through determination and perseverance continue climbing mountains and following rainbows. The struggles that we endure; the battles in which we engage; the conflicts that we encounter help us to gain a greater perspective of life. It is the benefit of these experiences that give our lives MEANING. As we go through this holiday season let us see the goodness in the good, the bad, and the ugly moments. Let’s dream of endless possibilities, of peace and joy. Stand with determination and perseverance for justice and fairness. Climb mountains and follow rainbows to find LOVE, to endure HEARTBREAK and to BATTLE INJUSTICES…we know that all of these things shall pass. As my mother used to say, ”Look for the good in all things.” As we move into the holiday season and into the next year (2018), let’s fight the good fight for liberty and justice for ALL.

Happy Holidays

Stephen Vines