What is Power? Who Has the Power?

This Is How We Do It!

A human connected to all of everything and having self-control has always done great things. This is because the love of truth and the truth of love is invincible. Justice and equity is what the NAACP SLO County is all about for everyone, freeing everyone to be connected to create a world of fairness and forgivingness. We need your help to get the message of embracing diversity, and standing together as one community is needed for all of our civil rights and to change the course of this county. We need committee members to implement the mission of the NAACP and to fight against the forces of intolerance, discrimination, and ignorance.

So, in conclusion, what is power? Power is working together. Who is the power? The people. My brothers and sisters, we need your participation to make change in our county. We need YOU to become a committee member and a working member. ”Freedom is not free.“

Stephen Vines, president NAACP San Luis Obispo County branch 

“The first thing any man or woman has to know is how to handle him or herself. Training counts. You can’t win any game unless you are ready to WIN.”  —Connie Mack