Growth and Freedom

“We have nothing to give another; but we have a duty to OPEN him/her to his/her own life, to allow him/her to be themselves – infinitely richer than he/she could ever be if we tried to enrich and to shape him/her only from the outside.” What is the practical application of this thought, idea, at this stage in our organizational development? What would it be like to create a space where our membership could be a” can opener ” that let our brothers and sisters be free to be who they are, opening new frontiers into their inside world? What would our NAACP branch culture be like in a group of free people? What could we do? Who could stop us? Why would we not be unstoppable?

Social Support is the future and where our team is headed: see our vision. It is time to make a commitment to our NAACP SLO County branch. We need your time and energy to transform our county into embracing diversity. If not YOU, who? If not NOW, when? It is TIME to build!

Stephen Vines, NAACP SLO County branch president