Candidate Jimmy Paulding Addresses NAACP SLO County Branch

Jimmy Paulding, a candidate for SLO County Supervisor, District 4, addressed the NAACP SLO County March 2018 General Membership Meeting. District 4 includes Grover Beach, Nipomo, Oceano, Arroyo Grande, and surrounding areas. Paulding, a Cal Poly City and Regional Planning graduate, and an attorney, discussed what will be some of his priorities should he be elected. Among them is supporting the need for more affordable housing. Paulding stressed that the County is approving the building of more luxury homes when there is a need for affordable housing to accommodate the needs of local residents and to attract new professionals to the area needed by our educational institutions, government, health facilities, and businesses in general.

Paulding also emphasized the need to invest in roads and infrastructure; that the County needs a long-term water solution; and improved public health, pointing out that air quality has gotten worsearticularly in the Oceano Dunes area, and that retirement home and schools are impacted by dust and particulates from dune usage.

Other priorities of Paulding are prison reform, supporting the need for more women- and minority-owned businesses, and additional support for the Five Cities Homeless Shelter. He pointed out that homelessness is on the increase with approximately 200 people living in the dunes.

When asked how he would work with our NAACP Branch, Paulding said that he would work with the Branch to further a social justice agenda. For more information, see: www.jimmypaulding,org